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As urban planner and political scientist, I am fully committed to the development of sustainable communities and to the empowerment of women. I have worked in Colombia and New York improving housing conditions, generating new housing units and creating jobs and social services for low-income communities.
I’ve been involved in the development of more than 300 affordable housing units in New York with on-site social services for its residents and in the improvements of more than 15,000 housing units in Colombia through a micro-credit model for very low income communities. I managed a job creation and social services program (including education and empowerment toolkits, and services to eradicate all forms of violence against women) for women head of household in Colombia, generating more than 300 jobs per year.
Skills include project management, grant writing, social services consultancy, bilingual work experience, multicultural work environment, fieldwork in remote and at-risk regions, in-depth research and analysis, publications, teamwork and leadership.